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Dragon Door: Pavel Tsatsouline and Co.'s Journal
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in Dragon Door: Pavel Tsatsouline and Co.'s LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
12:10 am
Naked Warrior
I'm a college freshman and I've always been rather skinny and untoned. In the 8th grade, I was told by a wrestler/football player friend of mine that I had the physique to really tone out and get a "great bod" if I worked out. Not knowing anything about the body at this time (and being the lazier being that I still am), I did not persue to exercise.... ever. lol
Then, this past October, a close friend told me about the Naked Warrior stuff. I started it as a curiousity, trying to do the stuff a few times a week. At first, I could do 1-2 finger pull-ups, do one halfway one-arm push-up on an incline, and go 1/3 of the way down w/ the pistols. A month passed and I'd started doing the routine 4-6 days/week... a few months later I'm doing: 2-4 pistols (per leg) all the way down and up (sometimes I even hold weights in my hands, or tie them around my waist), 4-8 finger pull-ups w/ my legs horizontal (to work the abs) + 1-2 w/ my hands virtually on top of each other, 3 one-arm push-ups (per arm) against the wall and 1-2 on a standard incline. The entire workout time is less than 8 min.
I've got a toned body and noticable build-up of muscle w/o it being overdone or leaving me w/ pure fat if I ever stop for an extended period (which I've had to do once). Without me flexing, I look the almost exactly how I would had I never started doing this (w/ the exception that now I have a bit of a 6-pack). I love it. It's quick, easy, doable anywhere, adds needed and useful muscle mass w/o having extreme volume (which is great because no one expects or realizes I can do what I do) and is perfect for those who wish to remain humble about their work-out/exercise/training (my fav term :P).

While Pav's explinations and publications of great routines is superb... it's also too highly marketed and fluffed. I've not read more than 4 to 6 pages of anything he's written, yet I've got the results to prove that the stuff he publicizes and endorses (as far as the Naked Warrior goes, at least) works damn well.

This week I started adding a few min of tai chi whilst holding 5 lb hand-weights in each hand to the end of my training. And in case anyone was wonder (I'm sure no one reads this or cares, lol), I do my pistols SSSSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. Used to I'd not see a reason to explain that but a while back I was doing a set during a fire drill and a peer (he's in ROTC if that says anything) caught me getting back up and asked what I'd done. I explained and he responded w/ "A pistol? OH!! A one legged squat? Dude, those are easy. Anyone can do that!" and he proceeded to do one w/ each leg... in about 2 sec per leg. I laughed and Jared (my friend who introduced me to the NW) slaughtered the guy w/ the fact that doing them fast doesn't build nearly the stabilizer muscles and balance that doing them slow does. The kid chuckled (odd word) and tried to do one slow... he fell over :D.

Goddamn I talked a lot. And I'm SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND A COMMUNITY THAT ISN"T OWNED BY PAV FOR HIS ROUTINES (even though this appears to be DEAD).

I realize that I rambled a bit. lol


Thursday, May 18th, 2006
7:57 am
Thanks for making this community!

I've been pumped about Kettlebells for awhile. I just started out with 9lbs.

A bit of my history: I've been struggling with a long term health condition that I recently got the best of, and I have lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle - so I've not been in great shape - ever. I've worked out with Pilates off and on but nothing has me as excited as kettlebells do :) I've bought the "From Russia: With Love" DVDs and Lisa Shaffer's book with the various exercises. From what I've gathered in my reasearch, this is the best method to get your body into peak shape with functional strength in the best time possible. I'm very interested in this since I'm going to go back into dancing. I also would like to get RKC training (which happens to be my initials) if things go well, and I'm sure they will.
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